Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hallelujah! America has had a stay of execution...

Trump won!  Wow.  You've never seen a bigger sigh of relief than that which was displayed on my face on the night of November 8th.  I walked into the office the next morning playing, and dancing to (in very fine fashion I might add), Redbone's "Come and get your love", from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack (video forthcoming).  The executioner's ax was raised above America's neck, but Trump, with the help of The Almighty, ripped it out of his hands.

The sad part, however, is that it is only a stay of execution.  We benefited from a perfect storm of conditions that got President Trump elected.  In summary:

  • Mr. Trump's identification, coalescence, and mobilization of the forgotten, laid-off factory workers
  • Bernie Sanders division of the Democratic party
  • Wikileaks' revelations
  • Comey's last minute review to Congress 
  • Hillary's awful character!
  • The Media (in their decidedly finite wisdom), trying so hard to convince Republicans that Hillary had already won so they could just stay home instead convinced Democrats of the same -- and they did

It's not going to happen again.  No chance.  They'll be out in force next election.  Bank on it.

Not all is lost however.  We can permanently take America back if we examine what the Democrat's base is made of and work to dismantle it.  

Have you ever asked yourself how one of the most radical, anti-American ideologues to ever grace the shores of our beautiful country, let alone occupy the White House (yes, Barry Soetoro, er, Barack Obama), was elected to lead our wonderful country?  

Well, guess what? The answer is: he bought it!  

Notice I didn't say "bought and paid for it"! That's because, ladies and gentlemen, WE THE PEOPLE are the ones that paid for it. 

Today we have 110 million people on the rolls of welfare, and 45 million on food stamps with expenditures on "entitlements" (I call them unentitlements) in excess of 1.10 TRILLION dollars annually.

Now, if only 20 percent of them vote - and you know it's higher than that (especially for President), that's 36 million bought and paid for democrat voters (whose money bought them again?). 25% = 45 million. Considering we had roughly 125 million voters turn out, that makes a pretty uneven playing field, wouldn't you say?

So right now you're probably thinking to yourself something along the lines of: "Well, what of it? Every American should have a vote. That's the American way after all."

That's what I used to think too. Then something I heard from a caller to Rush Limbaugh's program caught my ear. He reminded us that our Founding Fathers fought England largely due to the fact that they suffered under "taxation without representation", but that unentitlement recipients have "representation without taxation". That got me thinking, and I came to understand it's even worse: we pay them to tell us who should run the country. 

Maybe you're not sold yet. Well, if you'll hang in there just a minute more, I'll try to explain a bit further...

Let's say just for argument sake that Mr. Romney had won the 2012 election. He had a bunch of different planks in his platform: reducing the size of government, reducing taxes, repeal of Obamacare, etc, etc. Those that voted for him would have agreed that those are pretty good directions for our country. Well, what would have happened if he, after having been elected, had flipped the bird at those who put him in office and had grown the size of government, raised taxes, and vetoed the bill that repealed Obamacare? What would the voters have said the next time around? Well, they'd have rightfully been hoppin' mad and booted him out! He'd have been accountable to those that put him in office.

What platform planks are those that cause an unentitlement recipient to vote for a candidate? Socialism? (Sure, now that I've got all this time on my hands, I'm on Facebook all the time!) Great leaders? (Harry Reid? What some guy named Reid needs a shave and a haircut?). Current events? (Benghazi? Oh yeah, Ben Gazi -- center field for the Yankees, right?  Dude's got a cannon!).  No! The candidates elected by unentitlement receivers have only one accountable agenda item: the check from someone else's account.

And that's not the end of the damage unentitlement voters cause! This actually fosters an environment where these so-called leaders are incentivized to work against the best interests of our country and its citizens in order to expand the roles of their power base. How many times have you shaken your head at the decisions coming out of Washington, such as why they want to have open borders? When couched in the context of expanding their power base, so-called dumb decisions ain't so dumb!

This my friends is a classic CONFLICT OF INTEREST! And we are absolutely LOSING OUR COUNTRY because of it. And if we really want to take our country back, we need to make unentitlement recipients turn in their voter card to the government entity from which they receive those funds. (State and local voting -- if they're not receiving payments from them -- should be unaffected.) 

The Constitution does not contain any language whatever concerning a citizen's right to vote, and while we've got majorities in both houses and Trump in the White House, we have to strike now.

This is hard to say, and probably hard to read, but we now have to look things in the face and name them for what they are, and these unentitlement receivers are by and large children. If they were adults, they could take care of themselves. They generally aren't informed, and long term consequences do not generally factor into the decision making process when considering who they should vote for. My children who I support do not tell me what to do. Why should these children who I support be allowed to so?

We're all putting our backs into moving the huge wagon that is our economy forward. It's hard work, but we're tough. We've prepared ourselves and can handle it. Unentitlement receivers are riding on the wagon we're pushing, but because they're the tightest voting block in the country, they've got the handle in their hands! And it's not like the direction they choose has a well thought out rationale behind it. "Wow, look at the pretty flowers. Let's go over there!" Those of us that are pushing can feel the swamp water rising up our chest, but what difference does it make to the riders?  How soon before it's over our heads?  

So in essence, those who we're supporting with our, our children's, and our children's children's resources have enslaved those who provide their living! If that doesn't PISS YOU OFF, get in a cab, head to the morgue, and turn yourself in... you're already dead.

As Elmer T. Peterson wrote in his column in 1951 in the Daily Oklahoman, "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury." Why are we letting this happen? 

We have elections so that we can come to a consensus on who is most fit to prosecute our affairs in the best interest of the country. Our money is being used against us to put radical, unaccountable, unAmerican idealogues in office.

Unentitlement receivers should not be allowed to vote for government entities from which they receive any unentitled funds as they will vote by and large to protect that income stream. With our national spending on unentitlements exceeding a trillion dollars annually, the idea that no one is voting for their share of that pie is absolutely preposterous. 

It's a conflict of interest, and if we really want to take our country back, it's got to stop. It's simple, but difficult. If you think we're going to sweet talk our way out of the mess we're in, you're dead wrong.